West Haven Contemporary


 This project turned a small, severely sloping property into a  contemporary family retreat with stone walls, conversational fire pit with surround bench seating,  elegant paving and extraordinary landscape. Anchored on axis between the home and a stately 100 year old oak, the design reflects the fresh, contemporary lifestyle of  the owners.                 




Taking a long-neglected sided yard at this country home, we envisioned a new twist on an old design: A Country Kitchen Parterre. The client wished for a space that would provide herbs and greens for organic cooking, cut flowers, whimsical bird feeder collection, and a quiet space for reading, conversations, and reflection. Using a formal axis with central focal point, we added a brick patio under a majestic cedar next to the old smokehouse (which is being converted into a potting shed). 

The parterre sections will be enclosed with wild vines woven into a wattle. These areas will then be filled with organic soils to create raised beds. Two country arbors will be designed - one for the garden entrance with stone paving and the other as a focal point with enclosed wood bench.   




 An amazing transformation of a 40 year old lakefront residence. Redesign  to a contemporary summer retreat : introducing multi-level curves,  interfacing natural textures to create a variety functional and  aesthetic spaces. Currently beginning construction.




This new home in the beautiful Green Hills area of Nashville had unfortunately received a landscape

installation typical of many builders and landscape companies. Minimal creativity and the same boring layout using the the same few plants that so many homes in every neighborhood are saddled with. 

The young homeowners wanted a nice casual look but something different than everyone else on the block. We used clean curved lines and a wide variety of plant material for seasonal interest. 

The 'builder special' backyard patio was expanded around a brick fireplace, giving the owner's greater entertaining areas and access to the entire property.

The kid's play area was designed for active play with climbing boulders, log elements and a large area for a future activity play unit.


Belle Meade Wildflower Wonderland


This stately home on the Harpeth River needed a total landscape redo as its surrounds was showing its age. In addition, several acres at the rear of the property are currently in a state of continual mowing of its overgrown wooded and weedy pasture. The river is entirely cutoff from physical and visual access. Numerous mature trees offer a grand base from which to create an amazing landscape.

The home's landscape will be traditionally formal honoring the architecture of the house and the owner's tastes in living and entertaining.  Large existing trees and shrubs are kept in place or repurposed with a new foundation planting of subtle colors and textures.  

A proposed expanded two level deck will more than double the entertaining possibilities with an adjoining screen porch. The upper deck will provide a private escape off the master bedroom as well as an ideal plein-air painting location for the artist owner.

The existing rear acreage will be transformed into a maze of exploration paths, grandchildren's discovery areas, and wet and dry meadows. The property, while mostly flat, does have minor undulations in topography which allows for the creation of a variety of grass and wildflower areas. The owner's desired for their property to be visually engaging, physically enjoyable, and a space for environmental enhancement and education. Access to the river will allow engagement of the wonderful natural amenity. Minimal footprint viewing and sitting areas will provide additional passive recreation opportunities.




A love of the English landscape inspired this Franklin couple as they looked to enhance their cottage-style home.  We used precedent imagery from the English countryside and gardens to inform the  creation of a 'Ha-Ha' wall in the front, a privacy fence that  incorporated the "wattle" at the top for textural diversity, and a small  fruit tree allee leading to a rear parking area. The landscape will be replaced with layered plants for visual interest including holly and yew evergreens, hydrangeas, and lavender - bringing the English feel to this small property.

We designed an expanded outdoor entertaining area with a bluestone patio, natural stone seating wall enclosure, and a pondless water feature focal point for visual interest and calming sound.

In addition to the fruit tree allee, the new backyard will offer a circular fire pit area cut into the gently sloping yard for casual evenings under the stars. 




An almost blank slate allowed for the design of a backyard entertainment  area with multilevel decks, shade pergola over a custom outdoor  cooking/serving bar, colorful seasonal plantings, and a large circular  fire pit seating area under two massive oak trees. This client desired  casual country outdoor entertaining spaces for their horse farm where  they could host large parties and quiet evenings alone.